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Friday, October 23


Keynote- Steven Strogatz
The Math and Science of Getting in Sync
Every night along the tidal rivers of Malaysia, thousands of male fireflies congregate in the mangrove trees and flash on and off in silent, hypnotic unison.  This display extends for miles along the river and occurs spontaneously; it does not require any leader or cue from the environment.  Similar feats of synchronization occur throughout the natural world, and in our own bodies.  This lecture will provide an introduction to the math and science of collective synchronization. Amazing videos of synchronous fireflies and London’s wobbly Millennium Bridge will also be shown.

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Steven Strogatz

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics, Cornell University
Steven Strogatz is an applied mathematician who works in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems, often on topics inspired by the curiosities of everyday life. He loves finding math in places where you’d least expect it—and then using it to illuminate life’s mysteries... Read More →

Friday October 23, 2015 09:00 - 10:15
Ballroom CD


Build First, Teach After
Build it first to activate their background knowledge - do not wait. What is it they already know? Give a problem, let them go! See how far each one can reach, Then I’ll know what I must teach! Do you activate student knowledge prior to math instruction?  In many elementary classrooms it is common practice to activate students’ background knowledge prior to reading instruction but many teachers do not think to use this same strategy for math as well.  Join Geri Ann and Sandy for a fun and practical session on how to activate students’ prior knowledge by providing students with opportunities to interact with math activities first and then doing the teaching after.  Geared for elementary teachers from grades 3-6, this hands-on session will begin by providing easy to implement ideas that encourage your students to collaborate and to persevere when faced with challenges in math class. Specific curriculum based activities and examples that allow students to engage with and discover concepts will be shared and explored.

Friday October 23, 2015 10:30 - 11:45


Equivalent Fraction: Knowledge and Knowing for Teaching
This research examined the knowledge emerged from a concept study on equivalent fractions for the purpose of addressing the research gap-what knowledge teachers could know about equivalent fractions. The four emphases of concept study were adopted as the framework of examining the emerged knowledge in our concept study. The results indicated that the concept study achieved multiple realizations, nonlinear landscapes, excavating entailments, and occasioned blends. This paper provided what teachers could know about equivalent fractions as well as demonstrated how teachers could know about the concept through concept study. Thus, not only the knowledge emerged from concept study could enrich teachers’ professional knowledge about the concept but also the knowing derived from concept study could change teachers’ way of knowing.


Friday October 23, 2015 13:00 - 14:15


Hot Off the Press! Introducing a New Resource for Elementary Mathematics Teachers
The Alberta Assessment Consortium has created a series of mathematics videos with supporting resources, all freely available online. These materials explore ways to develop and assess flexible strategies for basic facts and operations, and feature classroom footage, student voice, teacher reflections, instructional and assessment techniques, and samples of student work. Our goal is to provide an effective entry point for teacher conversation and professional learning, and to impact classroom practice.

Friday October 23, 2015 14:30 - 15:45


Saturday, October 24


Eliciting and Using Evidence of Student Thinking in Mathematics Lessons
According to NCTM’s Principles to Actions, eliciting and interpreting evidence about students’ thinking and then using that information to make instructional decisions is an essential aspect of effective instruction. This session will focus on methods for eliciting and using information about students’ thinking during mathematics lessons.


Saturday October 24, 2015 10:30 - 11:45


Place Value
In this session we will explore the foundational ideas critical to place value. We will watch videos to see some of the concepts in action, play games, read books and work with visual models and manipulatives to experience the concepts more deeply. Participants will leave with a handout of games and investigations that can be used in the classroom the next day.


Saturday October 24, 2015 10:30 - 11:45